Since 2008, the following individuals have contributed over 7,000 hours of  time and/or expertise to Welcome Table Press:

  • Robert Atwan, Best American Friend to the Essay; contest judge
  • Michelle Auerbach, social media
  • James M. Chesbro, symposium staff; You anthology co-editor
  • Faye Rapoport DesPres, social media
  • Amanda Dambrink, symposium & AWP book fair staff
  • Kris Driscoll, production, layout, generosity, and kindness
  • Elizabeth Fallon, proofreading
  • Kelly Freeburger, pamphlet production; baking; brainstorming; generosity
  • Kate Gorton, proofreading
  • Richard Hendel, book design extraordinaire; generosity
  • Brian Hoover, symposium staff; proofreading; contest editor
  • Colin Hosten, managing editor; contest editor
  • Kim Dana Kupperman, founding editor; president & treasurer; publisher
  • Susan Kurtz, website consulting
  • Brooke Larson, symposium staff
  • David Lazar, editor, Essaying the Essay
  • Mary Lide, website design; production editor
  • Emily Nelson, copyeditor
  • Ioanna Opidee, proofreading; volunteer coordination
  • Mike Plunkett, proofreader
  • Katherine Sanders, symposium staff
  • Penelope Anne Schwartz, vice president & secretary; contest editor; and who, as Ursula K. LeGuin says, is possessed of the hand that rocks the cradle and writes the book
  • Diane Schenker, website management
  • Heather G. Simons, editor at large; You anthology co-editor; brainstorming partner; generosity
  • Dustin Beall Smith, proofreading; symposium staff; moral support
  • Trellan Karr Smith, symposium staff
  • Elizabeth Stone, symposium planning and presentation


The following individuals contributed time and travel to plan and make presentations at our two symposia on the essay, held at Fordham University in April 2010 and October 2011:

We offer a limited number of unpaid internships to creative-writing students (please contact us if your institution wishes to recommend an intern). 
Former interns have included:

  • James M. Chesbro, Fairfield University MFA
  • Elizabeth Fallon, Fairfield University MFA
  • Mike Plunkett, Gettysburg College
  • Tina Simpson, Columbia College of Chicago Nonfiction Program