Justin Weingartner studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He mostly makes digital and pen-and-ink illustrations. 

He says the inspiration behind his work is the stuff of daydreams, a slightly off-kilter version of our own world. Strange creatures roam, and shadows have lives of their own.  His artwork reflects the struggle one finds in the pursuit of“American Daydream.” Not strictly limited to Americans, the dream is worldly and universal and has existed since the days of hunters and gatherers. 

"The Mirror's Stolen Glance"

He resides in Brooklyn, New York.

His artwork is featured at http://justinweingartnerdesign.com

You can find Justin’s daily sketches and sequential comics on his Instagram page,  @jweingartner78.

"The Hitchhiker (Ghost Within a Ghost)”

"Someday you might pass them on a foreign street, an individual stuffed with dead leaves & as you continue on, leaving that person behind you, you will carry this thought away with you, 'Aah, there is someone who learned how to finally escape themselves…'

Because Justin grew up with a fondness for comics and graphic novels, his work is more than just the image; there is often a story behind it.

He is currently working on his first graphic novel-in-stories collection, The Evidence.

"Progression, Regression, All While Standing Still"

"While strolling along Race Point, Daniel Wellington accidentally discovers a wormhole inside a seashell"